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Show off Your Company's EQ

and Inspire!

Following the format of public EQ Inspiration, I will bring the flow and conversation to your company. Let's invite men and women from different business units and functions to talk about the importance of individual contribution to drive change. Let's hear what leaders and individuals who are role models inside your company have to say, and let's make the equality discussion relevant.  Operational and line managers, team leaders, individual contributors as well as your customers/clients and partners should attend. A way to demonstrate your leadership towards equality, your engagement, and your efforts. To set this up please contact me at eva.helen@epiquette.com

Speaking Engagements at Tech Events

I share stories with men based on my research on what THEY are doing and can do more of to support women and minorities in tech and related industries. Women are invited, and should always bring a man along.

IGEL Disrupt (Video Link)

Munich, January 2019

"Thank you for your session at IGEL Disrupt! Very inspiring and I really believe in your approach to improving diversity and equality.  I was trying to figure out which category of men I belong to, and it's probably a mix but I hope to make progress in the near future." Simon Binder, Principal Solutions Architect at ATEA, Microsoft MVP

"Great topic today! As a father of two girls myself, I would definitely be interested in getting a copy of your book once it’s released." Jeff Thibeault, Director NA SI Partnerships



TedX Talk

First time sharing my matrix of 7 characters of men in the workplace. FYI 90+% women in the audience.

Speaking Engagements at Tech Events

As an extension of EQ Inspiration, I share my experience and findings with women, I speak to men about themselves and about women in the workplace, and to entrepreneurs who need to hear both the ups and downs of running a business.g.

Eva at WOTC West revised pic size

Women of the Channel, West

Palm Springs, CA, May 2018

"I loved your session at WOTC2018 on how to engage men and to get them to become our sponsors, advocates, coaches and mentors. I am looking forward to how you progress with your research." Kristen Azevedo, NE Mgr, Channel and Alliances at Red Hat.

"Well done Eva and cheers to WOTC for bringing this topic to the forefront. I've always felt like part of the boys club but learning how to identify and engage with men who can help me was interesting and spot on. Every women working in a male dominated culture should hear this." Dawn Ambrose, Business Partner Mgr at LogRythm.


Linkage's Women Leadership Summit

Sonoma, May 2018

Introducing "the Matrix" for the first time. (Video link)

Linkage is an EQ Inspiration partner:

If you’re ready to join the front lines for gender parity, check out this unique immersive #leadership event:
Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute, Nov. 12-15, in Phoenix, AZ. http://bit.ly/2IKx9y6 #LinkageWIL

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MKL's Gender Summit

San Jose, March 2018

Discussion the effects of the #metoo movement and how it's best addressed in the workplace, by men and women.

Speaking Engagements

As an extension of EQ Inspiration, I share my experience and findings with women, I speak to men about themselves and about women in the workplace, and to entrepreneurs who need to hear both the ups and downs of running a business.

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Women's Startup Lab

Woodside, CA, May 2018

"Eva - loved having you with us at Women's Startup Lab. You're a complete inspiration and made my day...in this journey of building a business." Jill Angelo, CEO at Genneve.

"It was wonderful having you over yesterday and learning about your entrepreneurial experience and personal story." Estrella Jaramillo, CEO at B-Wom.


Eva & role models at Summit

All Men Panel at Expat Woman EMPOWERED

San Francisco, March 2018

"I loved your panel and yes I agree that it is the way to go--build that understanding and bring in the allies.... What I enjoyed about the presentation is that the men were asked to relay why they are vested in equality, about their values and personal connection. The suggestions on how to navigate and build alliances could have gone deeper-as this is an important solution," Diana Ruiz, CEO Women's Global Leadership Initiative. 

French students

MBA Students, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et d'Economie Numérique

San Francisco, June 2018

"I like the positive behavior and the mindset you have. Build a company Is a long journey, and the story you shared encourages to go forward." Paul Foutrel, co-founder at Swappy @swappybot

"I would like to thank you for your presentation, this was really motivating. You really gave me the desire to continue as long as possible.. and reach our goals together!" Kélian Philippon, Business Manager at LKN Medical

Contact me for a quote

Contact me at eva.helen@epiquette.com for availability.