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Synch Advokat

By sponsoring and generously hosting in their offices, Synch is making EQ Inspiration Stockholm happen!

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Leaders working towards EQuality

Hear from local role models, describing the importance of and programs they have implemented to achieve equality in their organizations.


Lisbeth Vigemyr

Head of IoT


Lisbeth, head of IoT at IBM


Dilba Demibag

Head of Wes Tech

I Sverige utgör kvinnor 21 procent av de anställda inom datateknikyrken och 20 procent inom programmeringsyrken, enligt siffror från medlemsorganisationen It & Telekomföretagen. Den totala andelen i branschen är nära en tredjedel och på chefsnivå har kvinnorna ökat från 28 till 30 procent mellan 2013 och 2016. "Dilba Demirbag leder it-rekryterings satsningen hos Wes Tech. I den här rollen ska hon rekrytera techbranschens klarast lysande stjärnor – som mer än gärna får vara kvinnor. " Digital

Per G

Per Gustafsson

Regional Director & Country Manager at VMware

Per is heading up Swedish, Finish & Baltic teams, responsible for Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Special Sales, Consultants, Technical Account Manager & System Engineers. With experience in both established and early staged companies, building and leading direct and indirect field/sales operations, building and managing teams of high performance individuals.

Per is the driver of talent programs, and mentoring women. He's dedicated to sustainable equality in the Swedish business community.


Hear from experts and local role models, describing the importance of and methods to achieve inclusive leadership of diverse teams.


Eva Helén

Founder and CEO

EQ Inspiration

Eva was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and came to Silicon Valley in the mid 90s. She was hired by a tech company to do international sales and after that she went on to co-founding, running and successfully exiting two enterprise software companies, most recently as President and COO of Sanbolic, which was acquired by Citrix in 2015. She is now working full time on improving equality and advancing women to leadership in tech by inviting men in the conversation, and by building a vision and an ecosystem.  EQ Inspiration is her initiative to get leaders in tech to join the conversation of how we reach gender equality, attract and retain talent, and impact financial results through inclusion.

Twitter @ehelen

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Lars Einar Engström

Senior Partner

Ed Colby AB

Lars Einar Engström is a trained psychologist and a senior partner with the Swedish consultant company Edcolby AB (www.edcolbyltd.com). He has written four books, two of which have been translated into English, Confessions of a Sexist (2008) and Your Career in Your Hands (2011). Lars writes an online column for the Swedish business school IHM (www.ihm.se) and for newspapers throughout Scandinavia. Lars has lectured in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK, Lithuania, Australia and the United States on topics including equal opportunities, gender and leadership, as well as organizational development. He has consulted with companies including Ericsson, Accenture, Copenhagen Business School, Ernst & Young, Vattenfall, Know It, Computer Associates, Live Nation, Scandinavian Airlines, and Skandia.


Kjell Ahlzén

Regional Vice President


At Salesforce

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From one home town to another

"I'm delighted to bring EQ Inspiration from San Francisco & Silicon Valley to Stockholm with the support of Synch Advokat AB. The discussion of building inclusive company culture and advancing women to leadership is global. By inviting men to the event and conversation, we want to raise awareness and get more company and team leaders to realize their power of where and how they can make a difference." - Eva Helén, Founder and CEO at EQ Inspiration