Women In Tech

I have invited these women to share their stories about support they have received. They talk about mentor-, sponsor- and leadership that works.

Joanne K Roques

Joanne K Roques

Global MBA Graduate

Hult International Business School


Enit Nichani

VP of Marketing

North America at Igel


Donna Bletzinger


Dyer Stephenson

Silvia Meyer

Silvia Meyer

Professor and Sales Enablement Consultant

Men In Tech

There is a reason I have chosen all white men for this panel. They all have their own reasons for agreeing to participate. There is some really good drive and stories here.


Steve Blacklock

VP, Global Strategic Alliances



John Fanelli

VP, Product




Elay Cohen

CEO & Co-founder


Andy Cortwright

Andy Cortwright

Sr Scrum Master

Deem, Inc.


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EQ Inspiration in Santa Clara at 4PM on Thursday September 26, 2019.

Citrix is generously hosting and sponsoring "Women in Tech, an Event for Guys". Co-sponsor Nvidia.

Last winter I interviewed a lot of men from the tech industry, guys like you. We talked about equality and if they thought their contribution mattered in changing the culture at their respective companies.

On September 26th, I'll share this research.

Conversations like these are great to hear live. Men, and women who bring a man along, are invited to Citrix' modern auditorium to hear from men who are allies, women who have been supported by men in their careers. You will get a chance to think about what you are already doing and what you can do more of.  You will leave with fresh ideas and convinced that your actions matter. There will be plenty of networking and refreshments.


Sold out

For wait list spot please contact me at eva.helen@epiquette.com