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Registration and Networking

4.50- 5.15pm

Welcome and EQ Inspiration Introduction, Eva Helén, EQ Inspiration

5.15- 5.30pm

The Happiness Hack, Ellen Leanse, Author of the Happiness Hack


New Leadership Style, Presenter and Moderator: Ray Arata, co-founder the Inclusionary Leadership Group 

6.00- 6.25pm

Successful Women in Tech

6.30- 7.00pm

Men Making a Difference


Leave Inspired 

7.25- 7.30pm

Refreshments and Networking

7.30- 8.00pm

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Who and why attend?

Are you leader in tech, man or woman, who wants to improve your management style and learn how to motivate your team for better results? Do you have what it takes to build an inclusive culture on your team or in your organization? Are you wondering what all this talk about diversity of thought is an how it can impact the bottom line?

Do you have a story to share of how you support and advance women and underrepresented members of your team or company? Do you want to share how you have been supported? Are you concerned that you don't have enough time for this, or know where to begin?

Join us for an evening of information, inspiration and discussion with other leaders in tech and the experts.

EQ Inspiration 2018 is a Place to Start!

When and Where

On January 31st, Lyft is generously hosting EQ Inspiration in San Francisco. Parking is available outside.