Congratulations! You have taken the self test or read about the characters and you identify with Mark, James, Samir, Memo, Al, Chris, or Richard.

You might have things in common with more that one character, and maybe you find that you were one character before but you are moving to the next, so one character is not enough to define you.

The objective now, should you wish to, is to climb to the character above yours on the matrix. From a Richard, to a Chris, to an Al and so on. To gain self awareness, to become a better peer and leader, and to contribute to positive change in the workplace. To help create an environment that's inviting, where people - women and men - thrive and productivity prospers. Think about what that can do for your career! And how many people, especially women and minorities, you can bring with you towards success!

By following the examples provided by those men already a step ahead of you on the matrix, you will contribute to improved equality and the advancement of women where you work.

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