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There are men in tech already supporting women's advancement. Maybe you are one of them, or perhaps you are interested in becoming one. Find out what character you are and what the character above you on the Matrix is already doing.

This book is for you. It is based on qualitative research, interviews I did with men throughout the technology industry, including CEOs, executives, directors, salespeople, engineers, and product managers. They represents a broad cross section of backgrounds in regards to age, cultures, and nationalities.

I have created a Matrix of seven composite characters of men, divided into three categories: The Advocates (Marc, James, Samir) on top, The Allies (Memo, Al, and Chris) in the middle, and The Chauvinist (Richard) at the bottom. The characters are ranked from the most willing and taking most action to support women (Mark) to the least willing and least supportive (Richard).


I don't think there is one message that work for all advocates and allies. Everyone is different, and the book describes individual actions participants in each character group are talking. There are quotes and stories for each character in the areas of Leadership, Management, and Culture.

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