February 15th at EQ Inspiration Stockholm, Sweden


Lisbeth Vigemyr

Head of IoT, IBM 

Per G

Per Gustafsson

Regional director and County Manager, VMware, Nordics and Baltics


Kjell Ahlzén

Salesforce, Nordics


February 15th at EQ Inspiration Stockholm, Sweden


Dilba Demibag

Wes Recruiting

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Lars Einar Engström


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Jeanna Rutherhill, Lisa Rydsbo, Eva Ekedahl

Women for Leaders


January 31st we will hear from speakers addressing inclusion and change for improved happiness, productivity and financial results.

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Ellen Petry Leanse

High-impact speaker and coach with proven impact guiding leaders and teams to elevate creativity, impact, and results. Apple pioneer, entrepreneur, Stanford innovation educator. Named one of technology’s top five influencers. www.ellenleanse.com

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Ray Arata

Founder, Better Man Conference, Inclusionary Leadership Group

Business coach, consultant and facilitator to professionals including male senior executives and leaders. Ray helps clients develop emotional literacy and personal development skills to support their success, leadership and gender inclusion efforts which leads to organizations in functioning more effectively.

Madhura Jan 31

Madhura Dudhgaonkar

Head of Engineering - Search, Data Science, Machine Learning at Workday

Madhura's leadership style is to start with an inspiring, ambitious vision.
To hire rock stars, place them in the roles that leverage their strengths and grow them with active coaching.
To foster great culture and customer-focused DNA, while
architecting efficient structure/processes/metrics to run a well-oiled execution machine.
Madhura likes to "be a servant leader and see the magic unfold!"



January 31st we will hear from speakers addressing inclusion and change for improved happiness, productivity and financial results.


Myra Nawabi

Sr. Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Myra is the founder of the largest and most active LeanIn Circle in the US (Palo Alto). Her extra-curricular activities contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workforce at Lockheed Martin, promote professional advancement and career sustainability for women in Silicon Valley, elevate and inspire women in STEM from around the globe, and foster the next generation of women leaders and coders locally. Myra's progression through the ranks in a very male dominated, military oriented culture as an engineer is testament to the tenacity that she endeavors on her own personal journey through corporate America.

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Joff Redfern

VP of Product, Atlassian

Self-described as a “tall, slightly nerdy, product guy,” Joff  has over 20 years of product leadership experience. Having worked with teams ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands, his newest adventure is taking on the role as VP of Product at Atlassian.
Prior to Atlassian, Joff spent 7 years at LinkedIn as Vice President of their flagship product on both mobile and desktop. He was instrumental in creating LinkedIn’s mobile products as the
company hyper-scaled from 45 million to 450 million members.
Joff is the co-founder of the startup Flattenme, and has also served as the VP of Product for both Yahoo! and myCFO.

Sara Clatterbuck

Sarah Clatterbuck

Sr. Director of Engineering: Application Infrastructure, Women in Tech & Accessibility at LinkedIn

At LinkedIn Sarah uses her voice, technical expertise and influence to advocate for those whose physical or cognitive abilities present challenges in using their products. As an engineer, this means building experiences that help these users. As a leader, it means holding her team to a higher standard of usability, as well as mentoring designers, engineers and product leaders throughout LinkedIn to better serve universal needs.


January 31st we will hear from speakers addressing inclusion and change for improved happiness, productivity and financial results.


Massimo Rapparini

CIO, Logitech

Massimo is CIO at Logitech. Massimo leads the global IT function and is charged with implementing a technology strategy targeted at the company’s growth opportunities through Digital Business, Employee Collaboration and Product Innovation using Cloud.

Prior to joining Logitech in 2016, Massimo was CIO at Viavi Solutions, where he successfully led the company’s split from JDS Uniphase in 2015. Massimo has held various senior IT leadership positions at NetApp and Symantec, where he was responsible for managing their corporate IT systems worldwide, scaling applications to support growth and enabling business intelligence.


EQ Inspiration

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EQ Inspiration

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