Mingle Oct 19

The Conversation

The objective with EQ Inspiration is to improve equality in tech by including the men in the conversation. After massive amounts of information, both statistics and eye opening stories by our speakers, we talk, make new friends, and build new bridges across the gap.

EQ Inspiration Values

Transparency and openness are key, but we respect everyones different levels of comfort and meet everyone where they are. There is no pressure to be anyone but yourself!



Listening to each other and trying to understand what it's like for you.



Bringing our whole selves to work and talking about how we deal with difficult situations.

Eva_Oct 19_2


Determination to make a difference. Change is not easy or fast, but we have a place to start. EQ Inspiration.


Mixed audience

We had 40% men at EQ Inspiration this time. Millenials, x-ers, and boomers.


Role Model Panel

Interana's CTO and co-founder Bobby Johnson, Pure Storage VP & Chief Architect Brian Pawlowski, and GuideSpark's SVP Sales Shep Maher, moderated by pro Ed Gurowitz from GLG.


The Initiator - Eva

"I started planning for this event 22 years ago, but I got side tracked for 20 years. Now we are here, and I feel like I've come home."

trio_Oct 19

Real World Examples

I was taken aback when Anita told us that she is the 11th African-American woman in the US to raise over $1M in funding. She is the CEO of Oneva, and Chris Yeh of Wasabi Partners invested in her company. Chris' continuous support and sponsorship has been important for Anita in growing her business. Her optimism as a female founder makes her a role model for all women who are considering starting up.

Next Steps...

Let me know if you would like to be a role model at our next event. If you, man or woman, have a story you want to share of how you are working to improve equality in your company.