EQ Inspiration is an event for men and women in tech. Leaders who want to join the conversation of how we reach gender equality, attract and retain talent, and impact financial results through inclusion.

Leaders from all business units, including engineering, sales, operation, are invited to a high quality content event. Three hours of information and discussion with peers and experts.

Participants will leave inspired to start making a difference on their team and in their organization.  Women are welcome and strongly encouraged to bring a male co-worker along.



The Event

Join us for the first EQ Inspiration on October 19th to listen to the expert and talk to peers about what you can do to improve business results and talent retention. Role models from Pure Storage, Interana, and GuideSpark will share their stories of how they are supporting women in management, tech sales and engineering. You will meet Lars Einar Engström, who has sparked reflection and laughter among male and mixed audiences across the globe for the past 25 years.

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I want to close the gender gap, by inviting the men to conversation. I want to hear every story of leaders supporting women in the tech field. I want to promote the good managers and make them into role models. I would like to introduce the eco system companies offering "diversity & inclusion" services to the tech industry.

I love to talk, but I believe in doing. I like to lead and to inspire.

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Target Audience

We invite all curious leaders of Silicon Valley tech companies to our event. All man and women who want to discuss how their attitude and power can have a positive effect on women's advancement in tech - business and engineering. Whether you are leading a team or an organization. Women are strongly encouraged to bring a male peer or manager along.

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Our Keynote Speaker

"Lars will tell it as it is. He doesn't sugar coat anything. He's honest and provocative. He makes me think and he makes me laugh. I think he will do the same for you," Eva Helén. Lars, a psychologist and Senior Partner at EdColby AB Consulting. He has 25 years experience working with equal opportunities, gender and leadership, as well as organizational development across Europe and North America. He has worked with Ericsson, Accenture, Copenhagen Business School, Ernst & Young, Vattenfall, Know It, Computer Associates, Live Nation, Scandinavian Airlines, and Skandia.

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Would you like to attend or sponsor the event?

Email us at eva.helen@epiquette.com with any questions you have.