EQ Inspiration aims at improving equality and advancing women to leadership in tech, by inviting men to the conversation.

EQ Inspiration organize events for men and women in tech and related industries. Leaders who want to join the conversation of how we reach equality, attract and retain talent, and impact financial results through inclusion.

Leaders from all business units, including engineering, sales, operation, are invited to high quality content events. Three hours of information and discussion with peers and experts.

Participants will leave inspired to start making a difference on their team and in their organization.  Women are welcome and strongly encouraged to bring a male co-worker along.



The Event

Join the next EQ Inspiration. Listen to the experts and role models,  and talk to peers about the importance being a progressive leader of inclusive management. What an inclusive culture does for improved product and process development, for performance, business results and talent retention. Role models from tech and tech related companies in SF will share how and why they are supporting women and underrepresented groups throughout the organization. You will meet subject matter experts who  spark reflection and laughter and help us connect the dots between happiness, productivity and results.

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I believe that gender equality in the tech world is important and necessary, and I'm inviting men to participate in the discussion. I think that the pace of reaching equality can only be accelerated if we work together. I would like to redefine "power" and make sure we understand the goodness and benefits to all when using power to lift each other up and forward. I want to hear every story of leaders supporting women and underrepresented groups. I want to make good managers role models for others by letting them share their stories.

I would like to introduce the eco system companies offering "diversity & inclusion" services and products to the tech/-related industries.

I'm here to inspire.

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Target Audience

We welcome all leaders of SF/Silicon Valley tech/-related companies. Men and women who want to discuss how their attitude and power can have a positive effect on women's and underrepresented group's advancement to leadership. Whether you are leading a team or an organization. We ask that all women bring a man - peer, ally, mentor, manager, or friend - along.

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