Eva Helén

Eva Helén is a seasoned business executive and an experienced board member. She has over 20 years of experience in high tech, with international business, strategy, operations, and finance. She has refined her expertise in developing shareholder value in high growth companies, advising on business development and human capital. Eva serves as a board member of Vasion (formerly PrinterLogic), Utah, a provider of cloud printing and document handling. Eva previously served as a board member of Sanbolic, Inc., an enterprise software company focused on distributed computing and file system development for early cloud innovation, for 15 years. As a co-founder, President and COO of Sanbolic, Eva oversaw global sales and partner development in the areas of software, IT infrastructure, computing, networking, and cloud technologies, as well as the company’s operation and finance. Sanbolic was acquired by Citrix in 2015. Eva previously co-founded Number One GM, Inc., a software development company and infrastructure integrator of storage solutions for the media industry, where she ran global sales. Autodesk acquired Number One GM in 1999. She began her U.S. career with international sales at Truevision, a Silicon Valley based hardware manufacturer. Eva is the CEO and founder of EQ Inspiration. Since 2017 she has influenced a broad range of technology companies to build more diverse workforces and inclusive cultures. As a speaker, coach and mentor to men and women, she is an influencer and thought leader for gender diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is currently authoring “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys”, based on her research and interviews with men in the tech industry. Eva gives generously of her time to women in business initiatives. Eva earned a Master in Business Administration degree from the University of Stockholm, Sweden, majoring in Organizational Behavior. Eva was born and raised in Sweden.

Why this book?

There is still a big gap between what experts on diversity and inclusion are saying and assuming what you are ready for, and what you – my target audience – are ready to act on. While experts can set up programs and processes to improve systemic issues that lead to inequality at your company, there is no better person to start change around you, than you.

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