Men in tech who support women are role models for other men. Their experiences and ideas need to be heard.

About Eva Helén

Eva started EQ Inspiration to invite men to the conversation of equality in tech, and to share how men are already encouraging and supporting women’s advancement. At her Women in Tech – Events for Guys, she interviewed men. They shared how they support women and minorities, and curious she seeked out more stories. She shares these in her debut book “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys.” 
Eva aspires to motivate men to do a little or a lot for equality and the advancement of women, no matter where their starting point is, whether or not they think they have done something supportive in the past. Her motto is NO JUDGEMENT of men or any other person, to IMPROVE COMMUNICATION between genders, generations, and business roles, and to present ways for every man to ELEVATE women and minorities in tech.

Women in Tech, a Book for Guys

There are so many men in tech who are already supporting women’s work and advancement. Maybe you are one of them, or perhaps you are interested in becoming one. Find out which character prototype you identify with, and what the character above yours is doing. No matter where you begin, there is something you can do to improve the environment and work situation women around you are in.

This book is for you. It is based on qualitative research, interviews I did with men throughout the technology industry, including CEOs, executives, directors, salespeople, engineers, and product managers. They represent a broad cross section of backgrounds in regards to age, cultures, and nationalities.

I have created a matrix of 7 character prototypes, divided into three categories: The Advocates (Mark, James, Samir) on top, The Allies (Memo, Al, and Cree) in the middle, and The Chauvinist (Richard) at the bottom. The characters are ranked from the most willing and taking the most action to support women (Mark) to the least willing and least supportive (Richard).

The book describes individual actions participants in each prototype group are taking. There are quotes and stories in the areas of Leadership, Management, and Culture that you can relate to.

with Eva Helén – Speaker, Coach, and Author 

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