Before my 13th year, I had never heard of it. Where I grew up it wasn’t celebrated to my knowledge. But on March 8th, that spring day in Milan, Italy, the whole city and every street of it, smelled amazingly beautiful from the yellow mimosa flowers sold on every
Based on my interviews, I developed seven composite characters  divided into three categories: The Advocates (Mark, James, Samir), The Allies (Memo, Al, and Connor), and The Chauvinist (Richard). I ranked the characters from the most willing to support women in the workplace (Mark) to the least willing (Richard). There
Know what you are already doing to support women in workplace, and do more. I’m not going to tell you what to do. I will ask you to think about what you’re already doing to support women though. I have interviewed 60 men, like you, in the tech industry.
In my interviews with #menintech, one man shared how he wrote a 9-page letter to his daughter as she was leaving for college. As I saw my own son leaving for college this week, I looked up the story in my notes. This man is a Samir on my
If you have an opinion about gender equality, I would love to interview you. You may be an ally or not. You are a man between 35-45 years old and work in the tech industry, as an individual contributor or a manager. Perhaps you are a team or an
Eva Helen, CEO of EQ Inspiration to Combat Gender Inequality in Silicon Valley By Inviting The Men to The Women’s Table by Rebel Role Model Eva Helen is a zenful force to reckon with. She can move mountains with her intellect, quick whit and emphatic belief in true gender

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