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Keynote at company internal or customer facing event  – sample

Conscious Culture and the Bottom Line

This keynote is for everyone in tech and related industries, who are interested in learning about how Conscious Culture and Allyship can improve the bottom line financial results of the business. Eva speaks about how individual responsibility and contribution creates movement and how that movement can change the culture inside a company to attract and retain women and people from underrepresented groups. Eva’s book “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys’ is based on interviews with men in tech. It provides a methodology that applies to all level managers, leaders and individual contributors inside the company, so they may be part of creating that change. 20-35 min

Women in Tech Sales

This keynote is primarily for women and underrepresented groups in tech sales. What are our assumptions of good sales people? Does your company have a “traditional” view of what sales teams look like? Are you willing to be the “first” or the “only”? Do you have what it takes? What makes a person successful in b-2-b sales? If you are thinking about starting a career in sales, where do you begin? Having worked in sales my entire career, I was lost when I didn’t have anything left to sell. I will tell you about that, and share more and less successful stories with you. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories! 20-35 min


Fireside chat and Presentation session, connecting the theme of Conscious Culture to the benefits of Allyship.  Typically a 55 min (in person or) virtual event, with a 12-15 min presentation, followed by a fireside chat interview with an executive from the hosting company, and an open Q&A. Questions and discussion points for the chat will be provided in advance, and requires a short prep call with the chosen executive. 55 min + prep call

Smaller group presentations

Leadership Exclusive

Executive leadership teams made up of all genders or mostly men, get a jump start to the discussion of how they can contribute to an inclusive culture in their respective organizations. After reading the book, we’ll review the character prototypes in “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys”, discuss which and why one might identify with (women discuss who they have encountered and how to leverage their support). The book teaches us to meet people where they are, and to distribute the responsibility of the work we traditionally think of as that of the culture/diversity & inclusion officer/HR. We will talk about willingness, hesitations, and what we can do today and tomorrow to improve the work environment. How do we build trust and a sense of safety and belonging for everyone? How can this be done without disrupting regular demanding workloads? Is a culture where people thrive necessary to optimize productivity and innovation? Are safety and inclusion measurable? 1-2 hours


A presentation, discussion, and exercises with mixed teams, leadership and individual contributors

A discussion around what Conscious Culture and Allyship can be. Why scaling the business disrupts culture and how we can address it proactively to attract and retain talent. Where allyship plays an important role, along with mindful leadership, and resource groups. 1.5-2 hours

Women in Tech groups/ERGs

Lunch and learn for women groups or any employee resource groups. An overview of Women in Tech, a Book for Guys, with tangible tips on how to engage men in conversation and action to improve the situation for women and minorities at work. 45 min

with Eva Helén – Speaker, Coach, and Author 

Good Things are Coming. Stay Tuned

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