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Eva offers motivational and informative keynotes for tech industry and company events, as well as sales kickoffs and QBRs.

She also provides leadership team exclusives, and women in tech groups presentations and discussion. 
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Keynote options

Mind the Gap

This keynote is for men (and mixed audiences) in tech and related industries who are not sure why they should, or how they can, contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We see and hear that there is an imbalance; that there are more men in our industry than women, especially higher up. We may choose not to care, or we wonder why it’s not changing. Maybe we think that someone else should come in and fix it. But consider that there is something you can do, to make your team better, to make the business more successful, and to make the company more attractive to talent. Eva’s book ‘Women in Tech, a Book for Guys’ is based on interviews with men in tech. It features 7 male character prototypes. Depending on which one you identify with, you will leave with your own idea of how you can make a difference.

Women are most welcome and strongly encouraged to invite a man to join this keynote!

The Bottom Line

This keynote is for mixed audiences in tech and related industries, who are interested in learning about how diversity and inclusion on teams and in the organization can improve the bottom line financial results of a business. Eva speaks about how individual contribution by many creates movement and how that movement can change the culture inside a company to attract and retain women and minorities. Eva’s book “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys’ is based on interviews with men in tech. It provides a methodology that applies to all level managers, leaders and individual contributors inside the company, so they may be part of creating that change.

Women in Tech Sales

This keynote is for women (and mixed audiences) who work in tech sales. Do you know what motivates you to work in sales? If you are thinking about starting a career in sales, do you know what the traits of a good sales person are, or that these traits can be developed? Having worked in sales my entire career, I was lost when I didn’t have anything left to sell. I will tell you about that, and share more and less successful stories with you. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories!

Smaller group presentations

Leadership Exclusive

Executive leadership teams, or other groups made up of all or mostly men, get a jump start to the discussion of how they can contribute to meaningful change in their organizations. After reading the book, we’ll review the character prototypes in “Women in Tech, a Book for Guys”, discuss which and why one might identify with. We will talk about willingness, hesitations, and what we can do today and tomorrow to improve the work environment for everyone, without disrupting regular demanding workloads.

Women in Tech groups/ERGs

Lunch and learn for women groups or any employee resource groups. An overview of Women in Tech, a Book for Guys, with tangible tips on how to engage men in conversation and action to improve the situation for women and minorities at work.

with Eva Helén – Speaker, Coach, and Author 

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