Women in Tech, a Book for Guys

Women in Tech, a Book for Guys is meant to trigger easy conversation around a difficult topic. What should men be doing to facilitate gender equality in the technical fields? Many men would like to help but don’t know how, or if their involvement would even be welcomed. Others think the diversity issue already has been solved, or that women need to act more like men for there to be equality.

This book addresses men at seven different levels of equality awareness—  represented by seven character prototypes. Based on interviews with sixty male leaders mostly from Silicon Valley, the book details actions men can take to support women in the workplace, and offers solutions to challenging gender-related problems. 

If you are a man in tech wanting to make more of a difference for women, or if you’re an HR person, consultant, or executive needing tools to help men increase their gender-issue awareness, this book was meant for you!

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Introduction ​

This book is for men. Men who see women not as objects or threats but as partners, collaborators, and allies. Men who see economic potential, who recognize that the majority of U.S. college graduates today are female and that women control more than 50% of all personal wealth in America. Men who see gender equality not as political correctness but as a moral imperative.

This book offers a language that any engineer, sales rep, and executive can appreciate, and presents a different approach to the topic of supporting women’s advancement and improving gender equality in tech. Recognizing that every man’s motivation and drive is different, the book introduces seven male prototypes for purposesof discussion.

The prototypes, which I’ve named “Mark, James, Samir, Memo, Al, Cree, and Richard,” can be found in every meeting, on every team, and in every company. You may identify with one or with a combination of them.

with Eva Helén – Speaker, Coach, and Author 

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