On the coldest day of October twenty five men and twenty five women working in tech met in Interana’s office, overlooking 101 in Redwood City, to learn and talk about equality and how and why advancing women to leadership in tech matters. It was our first EQ Inspiration, so
Don’t be so quick to judge Our brains love to categorize people. We sort people into groups, make assumptions based on they way they look or talk, we are drawn to people we feel that we are alike. Just go to any event where you don’t know anyone and
  Why care about bringing more women and minorities onto your team, sponsor them to advance in your organization, engage them so they feel included? Because it matters to the company? Because it’s what’s expected of you? No, it has to matter to you, personally. There isn’t one answer,
Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women by Co-authors W. Brad Johnson, PhD and David Smith, PhD In a thorough and detailed manner they describe the importance of men mentoring women and how to do it in а constructive and productive way.  It’s the first book of
It makes me happy to hear about women supporting women. It’s our pleasure and our duty. Unfortunately there aren’t’ enough women to mentor or model the way for the masses of young women that are coming into the workforce. The men, who Mind the Gap, have to help. Help
How to reach gender equality in your organization (with or) without dedicated diversity officer in house.  One of the objectives with EQ Inspiration is to connect the eco-system of local vendors that are providing services and products to improve (gender) diversity and inclusion (D&I) with companies in the tech
Improving Communication between Generations, Genders and Business Roles Last Thursday (March 2017) we brought 21 mentees, 86% of them women, together with five (4 were men) mentors with 100+ years of experience from the corporate and startup tech world. According to the participants the event was a success with “mentors

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