Tomorrow’s Winners The winners of tomorrow’s business and talent are the companies that find new ways to improve results and care about “the greater good”. Companies that do things differently than “they have always been done”. Organizations that consider what the whole, not just part of, workforce and incoming generation is
In my world action is like a picture; worth more than a thousand words.  While talking is good and we need to hear the stories, all of them! I wonder, who is listening? And for how long? The people who care listen, those who can relate, the ones who worry?
Locker Room Talk in the Women’s and What to Do When you Hurt Someone What Affects our Behavior? Everything you do and every decision you make is affected by where “your head is at” in that moment. Are you rested, relaxed and mindful? Are you stressed and simultaneously thinking
           The Happiness Hack by Ellen Petry Leanse I love skiing and two winters ago I decided to ski without my phone. You may think that it was no big deal, or you may think I was crazy. Well, at first it was a really
On the coldest day of October twenty five men and twenty five women working in tech met in Interana’s office, overlooking 101 in Redwood City, to learn and talk about equality and how and why advancing women to leadership in tech matters. It was our first EQ Inspiration, so
Don’t be so quick to judge Our brains love to categorize people. We sort people into groups, make assumptions based on they way they look or talk, we are drawn to people we feel that we are alike. Just go to any event where you don’t know anyone and
  Why care about bringing more women and minorities onto your team, sponsor them to advance in your organization, engage them so they feel included? Because it matters to the company? Because it’s what’s expected of you? No, it has to matter to you, personally. There isn’t one answer,

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Eva Helén is a seasoned business executive and an experienced board member. She has over 20 years of experience in high tech, with international business, strategy, operations, and finance.

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