2018 is the Year of Action!

In my world action is like a picture; worth more than a thousand words. 

While talking is good and we need to hear the stories, all of them! I wonder, who is listening? And for how long? The people who care listen, those who can relate, the ones who worry? Communication beats talking. You know, when we actually understand each other.

To improve a situation, to change something, or to break the cycle – there has to be communication and action. An agreement with oneself or with others if the goal relates to many, and a way to get there. In 2018 we agree that enough is enough when it comes to inequity in the workplace, and that we need to do something for women and minorities. We think about what we can do, what we should, and might do, but we remain motionless. Either because we are not sure what we can do, or because we are afraid to do the wrong thing and make it worse, or because we think someone else is dealing with it.

2018 is the year we take action. I ask you to join me. No membership, no marching, nothing impossible.

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, I’m asking you to bring one man to the EQ Inspiration you are attending. Leveling the playing field in tech starts with your action. Your contribution is to bring one guy along and let him see phenomenal men role models speaking about how they support women and minorities in their organizations.  Let him listen to women talking about how hard they work to support each other and what they are looking for in good allies. Let him talk to likeminded and to the experts. Let him know that his openness and his actions matter. Please contribute to gender equality in tech by bringing a colleague or a friend along who you think is ready to be an ally. We need to expand beyond our small circle of friends, and it’s urgent.

Thank you for your support and your help. You matter.

Eva, Founder and CEO at EQ Inspiration.

Tickets January 31st, San Francisco at 5PM

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with Eva Helén – Speaker, Coach, and Author 

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