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Tomorrow’s Winners The winners of tomorrow’s business and talent are the companies that find new ways to improve results and care about “the greater good”. Companies that do things differently than “they have always been done”. Organizations that consider what the whole, not just part of, workforce and incoming generation is looking for. Companies that know that women of all generations, and all millennials, put new demands on leadership.  The winners of tomorrow are the companies that improve productivity and results through innovation and creativity.

Innovation and creativity require space and process AND diversity of thought. Diversity of thought can only thrive when leadership and culture are inclusive. The winning companies have leaders who get this and act on it.  Staying behind with the “way we have always done it”, or excluding people who think and act differently will cause companies to loose talent to the competition. Talent, innovation, good product, excellent inclusive leadership are requirements for success.

Why the resistance? There is resistance, among both men and women, to include or even to understand why women should be level with the men in the workforce. There is also a lack of understanding among men of their own importance in the role they play in other people’s work lives. There is a huge disconnect between what we (both men and women) think should be done and what gets done.  It’s so easy to think and assume that someone else will deal with it (“we just hired a diversity and inclusion officer”).  EQ Inspiration is a place where power can be realized, responsibility can be assumed, an intent to action can be awoken, and activity followed through.

Who is EQ Inspiration for? EQ Inspiration is not for the “nay-sayers”, but for prospective men allies and the women and men who are willing to coach them. It’s for the men who have an idea or a hint, and an open enough mind to dare asking the questions: How can I diversify my team? Why should I? What are things I can and should say and do as a man in the workplace? Why do I matter in this? How can I contribute to my company’s success and the well being of my co-workers by getting engaged?

What is EQ Inspiration for? EQ inspiration is a forum for constructive thinking, ideas and discussion. There is no “I know best” but rather “here are some ideas, some things that work for me, that you may want to try”. There is no recipe or single solution to reach equality. There is not one way, and it can’t be done by experts, or women alone.  It takes a common vision and many different roads and efforts to get us there.

At EQ Inspiration we meet attendees at their level, get them involved when they are ready, invite them to talk to each other, and to spread the word. Bring a friend, or come alone. Welcome.

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with Eva Helén – Speaker, Coach, and Author 

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