#dance4women – a Success THANK YOU Party People and Sponsors!

It was our first project together – LeanIn Palo Alto, UNA-USA Mid Peninsula Chapter and EQ Inspiration. We did it! Our first fund raiser, learning about women who’s lives are way more difficult than ours, and paying it forward. The CAUSE was to raise money for Rising International and the work they are doing to get women around the world and locally out of extreme poverty, and for the UN Project “Adopt a Future” focusing on education for girls in the biggest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab, in Kenya. Carmel Jud, founder of Rising International wrote “Not sure there are any words that could describe my gratitude to all you amazing people! Thank you with all my heart and soul for your incredible generosity and life changing kindness.” 🙂

Personally I just want to get out of my bubble and this is a first step in breaking out of it. I know I can’t change the world, but I’m starting to understand that every individual contribution matters, and with as many people as possible’s engagement, we will make a difference.

I want to THANK EVERYONE who took the time to come out last week, to talk to each other, to help us raise funds, to dance, to laugh. Building new friendships across invisible lines, and showing that you care about more than what’s in your bubble. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tatiana is the winner of the beautiful necklace from Rising International! Congratulations and thank you for buying tickets for your whole team!

THANK YOU to our sponsors: Citrix, Igel Technology, BeaconForce, Noodle.ai, Snowflake, and Oneva!!

Send me more pictures 🙂 eva.helen@epiquette.com

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