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A Story

Do you remember when we were kids? How we were equal and everything was possible. Then somewhere along the way we were told we were different and that some things were for for boys and some were for girls. I was a girl AND I was told I could do anything. I wasn't afraid of anything, maybe because of my parents' support. Until one day in my 40s when I was told I wasn't worth as much as a man and I couldn't do what I wanted to do. All of a sudden I heard 100s of stories just like mine, and I thought - this can't be right, I have to do something. Men and women are not the same, but we are equal.

Meet the Team

A small, passionate team, determined to make a difference. With Sara's help, and supported by the creative team of Sköna Advertising, Lars Einar Engström's advise and Lyft's generosity, my husband's critical eye, and many friends and volunteers we are bringing EQ Inspiration to you.

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Eva Helén

Founder & Initiator

I have 20 years experience in the tech space. I have co-founded, built and exited two software companies - most recently as President and COO of Sanbolic, acquired by Citrix in 2015. Founder of EQ Inspiration and CEO of Epiquette, the Diversity Platform, consulting c-suite and leadership teams on how to build corporate culture that supports financial goals.

Twitter @ehelen, Instagram @eqinspiration2018


Sara Maxence

Business Development




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