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Do you remember when we were kids? How we were equal and everything was possible. Then somewhere along the way we were told we were different and that some things were for for boys and some were for girls. I was a girl AND I was told I could do anything. I wasn't afraid of anything, maybe because of my parents' support. Until one day in my 40s when I was told I wasn't worth as much as a man and I couldn't do what I wanted to do. All of a sudden I heard 100s of stories just like mine, and I thought - this can't be right, I have to do something. Men and women are not the same, but we are equal.

Eva Helén

Eva's focus is on improving equality and advancing women to leadership in tech by inviting men in the conversation and by sharing her 50-50 vision. EQ Inspiration is her initiative to get leaders in tech to join the conversation of how we reach gender equality, attract and retain talent, and impact financial results through inclusion.

Twitter @ehelen, Instagram @eqinspiration2018

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EQ Inspiration SF

at Lyft HQ


At IGEL Disrupt

Austin TX

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EQ Inspiration Stockholm

at Synch HQ



The Expat Woman Event

Eva moderating Inclusive Culture panel  with Lyft, Pinterest, Sunrun and Dropbox D&I managers


EQ Inspiration Silicon Valley


EQ Inspiration Stockholm

at Synch HQ

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